Here's to strong women...may we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them.


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Inspirational Podcast!

We are so glad we found this podcast! Each episode is packed with inspirational advice while tackling tough topics. Team Grid + Glam

Great content, amazing vibe

I’m so happy I found this podcast, which is filled with great info, lots of inspiration, and it’s fun to listen to.

Mom of a daughter? This is for you

Cat is a wise and intelligent mom, lawyer, and interviewer. She brings her intellect to the conversation as well as guests to share ways we can better empower our girls to ensure their futures of strength and with resilience. Highly recommend this podcast. You will come away having learned more.

Gotta girl? You need this podcast!

Carmelita does an amazing job of helping us navigate the complex world of raising girls. There are so many things to learn and talk about with them. And so many things we need to recover from ourselves. Great advice, tips and guests - you won’t be disappointed.

Great information in under 30 minutes

There’s a lot of really helpful information and tips shared in every episode. I like that most of the episodes tend to be less than 30 minutes. I also like when Cat shared her takeaways. A really nice way to wrap up.

Thoughtful & helpful

I’m a mom of a toddler boy and still find the content relevant and actionable when engaging with all the kids in my life. I really appreciate the length as well the welcoming and thoughtful tone of the host.

For every girl mom

One of my favorite podcasts!! As a girl mom, it means so much to have a resource to turn to that talks about real things that our girls face. It even helps me with some of the things I face or have faced. Thank you, Cat, for following your heart and creating a platform where we can know more, be more, and do more for ourselves and our girls.

Love this!

I’m quite grateful to the thoughtful content in Kow Them, Be Them, Raise Them. I’m a mom of kids around the same age, and I appreciate and relate wholeheartedly to what you present. I also LOVE the length! I rarely have more than 20 minutes uninterrupted, as a homeschooling, working mom, so this is perfect. 💞

Wonderful content!

I love to listening to this with my mom!

Great content!

I love listening to this!

Great content for moms!

This podcast is so important for moms of preteens and teen girls. The transition through adolescence is filled with ups and downs for moms and daughters. These insightful conversations will guide you along this path.

FINALLY! A podcast for moms about teens/tweens

I am so excited to discover this podcast. As a mom of 3 teen/tween girls, it’s refreshing to listen to other moms and experts on issues these girls face today. There’s no definitive guidebook on how to parent teens, so I appreciate all of these various perspectives on how to lift up our girls and ourselves. 5 stars! I look forward to Tuesday drop day!

Just what I needed!

I love the snackable episodes during my commute. She discusses quick tips and great reminders that make a big impact in creating an open, loving and supportive relationship with my daughters.

Lifelong learner

As I started listening, I found myself weeping a bit because the message is some thing I wish I had growing up. I’m not a mother and I may not be the target audience, but I am a woman and a teacher who works with tweens every day. Even in today’s society I think it is challenging sometimes to find a balance between being a strong woman, a modest role model, and to love one’s self irregardless of outside opinions and viewpoints. I recommend this podcast to anyone looking for positive ways to interact with others.

Love it!

Brilliant! News you can you use and digest while getting ready for work. I know this information will be invaluable as I navigate parenting of a tween for the first time.

Wonderful and useful!

Digestible, practical content that is interesting, positive and useful. I have learned some helpful tips already and am excited to see what’s in store in the next episodes!

It’s tone to talk about raising teens

Millie is thoughtful, patient, and probing as she examines the next stage of parenting and what it means to raise our children amidst modern challenges. I appreciate her insight and collection of guests helping navigate raising strong girls into strong women.

Something for everyone!

Although this podcast is geared toward parenting teen girls, I found this quite useful for all women! Lots of great tips on how to converse with your kids effectively as well as keeping yourself grounded and well! So glad I found this!