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Sept. 28, 2021

5 Confidence-Boosting Tips for Your Daughter // by Briana Beazley

Have you noticed a confidence dip in your tween or teen girl? You aren’t’s a real thing.

Today's article, "5 Steps to Helping Our Daughters Grow Up With More Confidence," comes from Briana Beazley. Briana is founder of NadiaGirl, a tween girls clothing brand focused on empowering young girls by creating comfortable clothing that fits well, to help them feel more confident.

When Briana’s daughter was entering her tween years, shopping for her was discouraging and frustrating. There were limited options, and the clothes were not age-appropriate, didn’t fit well, or were poor quality. She saw how this impacted her daughter’s confidence and decided to do something about it. Soon after that, Nadia Girl was born, and Briana began writing about issues affecting tween girls.

In this episode, you’ll learn ways you can help boost your daughter’s confidence, such as normalizing failure, encouraging risk taking, and more.  

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  • For high quality, sustainable clothes with a proprietary fit made for tween girls’ changing bodies, visit, and follow NadiaGirl on Instagram @nadiagirl.

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