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Dec. 28, 2021

On Reframing Failure, Sports Metaphors & Me Celebrating You // from Carmelita Tiu

The end of the year always triggers look-backs and goal-setting for the future. If you're like most moms and high achievers, the new year comes with excitement, some trepidation, and some guilt that your previous year's goals didn't play out the way you thought they would (or guilt because not everything on your to-do list has been checked off).

In this episode, host Carmelita Tiu shares some thoughts on how to shift our mindsets around failure (in big or small ways):

  • Celebrate the big no’s, an idea from Greg McKeown;
  • Release ourselves from a narrow, fixed definition of “win”
  • Choose progress over perfection.

These quick tips nudge us to show ourselves some compassion, and allow us to celebrate how far we've come.

Take the time to reflect and celebrate the progress you've made this year!

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