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Sept. 21, 2021

Rethinking Self-Care & Leisure // with Julia Hogan

Are "self-care" and "authentic rest" just buzzwords? Is there a right way to do self-care?  What does authentic rest or leisure look like?  Join host Carmelita Tiu as she chats with her guest, author and therapist Julia Hogan.  

Julia describes her road to becoming a therapist and writer, and she explains: 

  • The importance of nurturing yourself and “filling your cup”
  • Rethinking your self-care, making sure it works for you
  • Authentic rest & leisure -- what these are
  • The importance of modeling self-care and authentic rest for our daughters

To connect with Julia Hogan, LCPC, visit her website where you can sign up for her monthly newsletter, or follow her on Instagram:  @juliahoganlcpc.

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