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May 24, 2022

Diet Culture (Pt 2) - Tough Truths, Tips & Takeaways // with Debbie Saroufim

What woman hasn’t disliked part of her body, or all of her body, at some point in her life? That is a problem.

Diet culture, thin ideals, and ever-changing and unattainable beauty standards – these are self-esteem sabotaging issues that women and girls deal with every day.

In a continuation of a conversation from Episode 37, Defying Diet Culture & Making Peace With Our Bodies, Body Relationship Coach Debbie Saroufim chats with host Carmelita Tiu about what parents can do to help empower their daughters with healthy body relationships, and immunize them to diet culture and fat phobia.

We cover:

  • The ways we might inadvertently reinforce fat phobia
  • Understanding diets as disordered eating, and the scary stats connecting diets to eating disorders
  • What we can say to give them a healthy sense of self, when we ourselves may still be working through our own body issues
  • How to address your daughters feelings of frustration around her body
  • The importance of normalizing all body shapes and ages, and that your body will change throughout your life



To learn more about Debbie Saroufim, visit , and follow her on Instagram @bodyrelationship_coach.  And check out her Parents Guide, for what NOT to say to your kids if you want them to have a health relationship with their bodies.


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